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Central Virginia SCORE is dedicated to helping your small business start, grow, and succeed. If you are a small business looking to grow, or if you plan to start your own business and need counseling, SCORE is here for YOU.

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Connect with Central Virginia SCORE

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Whether you are a first time entrepreneur or a fourth generation business owner, we have experienced mentors who are available for you. Mentoring is free and confidential. We can mentor in person, by phone, or online. See what works for you!


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Register today for our no- or low-cost business training. We provide education on a variety of business topics including marketing, finance and accounting, management, and others. Get instruction from a local expert and connect with other business owners in the community.

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Our library of business resources is rich with helpful content on every phase of the business cycle, as well as webinars and articles on topics you care about! Connect to the SCORE library today!


Ask A SCORE Volunteer

Have a business question, or want to know more about SCORE? Send us a message and we'll get back to you. Read more

Volunteers Needed!

Central Virginia's SCORE Chapter is looking for people with strong business backgrounds who would like to share their expertise and lend a hand to people entering the business... Read more

Central VA Resources

We maintain a library of business information at our chapter office. We also maintain a list of links that our clients find informative. Read more

Sevenoaks Retreat Center

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Starting a Business in Charlottesville

Steps to starting a business in Charlottesville and local resources that will make the process more simple. Read more

See How SCORE Can Help You!

SCORE has helped millions of small business owners start-up and grow their companies. In providing confidential, one-on-one mentoring, SCORE mentors have the expertise to give sound advice that will be helpful, timely and relevant in an effort to help new or aspiring entrepreneurs formulate strategies for success. See how we've helped other entrepreneurs like you by clicking below.

Success Stories

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